Everybody loves traveling and exploring all that mother nature has to offer. From the scenery to fine cuisine, tourists come and go by the thousands.

Traveling, although an enjoyable affair can be a tad bit annoying. Most instantaneous vacation trips usually end in disaster. Worst case scenario, you will get stranded in some remote location without any way to get more funds. This is when virtual travel assistants come in handy.

Covid-19 – The Great Confusion

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a huge dent in tourism for obvious reasons. The travel and hospitality industry suffered a critical blow. And was eventually brought to a standstill. A lot of travel agencies, unfortunately, did not recover and went bankrupt. 

Many countries have taken months and even years to recover. This is especially true for those that rely heavily on tourism. The pandemic wave was felt both locally and internationally. Most affected cities literally looked like ghost towns. 

Many countries closed their borders starting around March 2020. The border closing was abrupt and without proper notice. Causing a lot of travelers to get stranded for months.

Furthermore, hasty and improper quarantine regulations have produced more confusion among stranded travelers. Countries don’t have an established international Covid-19 policy. This means that what is allowed in one city might not be allowed in another.

It took days and even months for affected countries to distribute vaccines. And start fighting back against Covid-19.

And this is mostly localized, with international travel heavily restricted and suspended. Tourism was the farthest thing on the minds of government leaders and officials then.

Merits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance should’ve remedied a lot of confusion at that time. Virtual assistants could’ve given the stranded travelers some quarantine information and hotel accommodations. The helpless tourist would’ve been assisted every step of the way!

Hiring a virtual assistant should’ve helped ease the suffering of a lot of travelers. If nothing else, they would’ve given a fresh perspective to solve their problem at hand.

Hire OBI Services Virtual Assistant

Call in the Outsource Support

Luckily, technical support services were booming at the height of the pandemic. This is a result of everyone using the internet for both business and pleasure.

A lot of business owners have decided to increase their online presence. And this is even when the world is going back to normal. The current trend is to use the internet as the base for customer relations and sales.

This setup is more effective than the old method of having a storefront. It is more efficient to just buy online and ship the product. This is made possible with the advances in product packaging and delivery.

Plus, businesses can easily expand their brands. Distributing a wide range of products more than their physical store can handle. All you need is a fast and reliable service provider and you can sell to your heart’s content.

Hospitality Industry Revival

A good deal of companies experienced labor shortages during the lockdowns. Travel restrictions were the greatest contributor to this problem.

Hospitality industries found their second wind with the power of the internet. Hospitality industries affected by the lockdowns were finally getting back on their feet. This includes hotels, casinos, and other tourism-related services.

The new business model revolves around providing a good customer experience. But it is done through online customer support operations. Inbound calling is the secret weapon of the hospitality industry in a nutshell.

Inbound Calling Done Right

Most establishments have their own customer support team. Inbound calls are mostly handled by the in-house sales team. But not every company has the asset to finance its own customer service teams.

A good solution is to hire the services of contact centers aka call centers.

This business strategy is widely popular and has grown to new heights. Call center agents expertly handle incoming calls from potential customers.

Get Your Very Own Jarvis

Virtual travel assistants can help travelers from anywhere in the world. They aid clients by taking care of necessary travel itinerary preparation.

Hopeful vacationists can create the ideal dream vacation plan. And all can be done without visiting a travel agency.

You will save a lot of time looking for that perfect holiday destination. And all in accordance with your standards and requirements. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house.

Benefits of Having your own Online Butler

1. Money saver – VAs will be able to search for the best possible deals, bargains, and discounts. And this is done without compromising safety and travel experience.

2. Crossing the T’s – Your personal online butler will plan your vacation goals. And to your detailed specifications.

3. Sit back and Relax – Private virtual assistants are a jack of all trades. Virtual assistance agencies will find the right VA that will cater to your current and all needs.

OBI Services VA Job Description

VA services include:

  • Brilliant itinerary
  • Hotel bookings and accommodations
  • Contacting travel companies for sanitized transportation
  • Call answering while traveling
  • Flight cancellation and re-booking
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Destination consultations

The services are not fixed and new features may be added accordingly.

OBI Services is an outsourcing company dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier. Our goal is to provide virtual assistance to hospitality industry clients.

We understand the perils and difficulties of traveling abroad. Tourists should be having the time of their lives. And not getting stranded and mishandled by incompetent organizations.

Here at OBI Services, we will take care of the paperwork and let your clients enjoy their vacation in peace.

Post-Pandemic Excursions

The evolution of the internet creates an easy-to-access platform. This lets users easily search the beautiful nooks and crannies of the world. Users can easily find famous tourist attractions. This is done with the help of YouTube, blogs, and other forms of social media.

Improvements with the latest trends in the hospitality industry are paramount. They contributed greatly to the prosperity and revival of the industry.

Widgets, chatbots, and VR technologies are some of these trends. The software is very dependable and user-friendly. Letting users easily communicate with anyone in the world.

Hospitality industries were able to shift their customer services online. And this is done largely with the help of virtual assistants.

Besides businesses, virtual assistants will greatly benefit travelers and future excursionists.


Contrary to current events, tourism is definitely on the rise. Tourists and avid excursionists are making up for lost vacation time.

A lot of companies also made it through the epidemic and eventually recovered. Thanks largely to the fusion of the hospitality sector and outsourcing services.

Hospitality industries and outsourcing companies were able to prosper. They were made possible by combining both of their services. 

Virtual assistant services are the product of this union. The tasks were outsourced to professional customer service teams, instead of establishments providing their own customer service staff.

The advantages of having a private virtual assistant are important for a tourist. The convenience alone of not having to go to a travel agency personally is priceless!

Additionally, private virtual assistant agencies usually offer 24/7 support. So every inquiry should be answered quickly and efficiently. 

Live life to the fullest because, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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