You can integrate automation with your application in many different ways. Some apps already come with a built-in integration, but sometimes they aren’t ideal. If you want to be able to automate tasks instantly with a single click from to Sendinblue, then we recommend using Pabbly Connect trigger action automation.

Learn how to set up a pre-chat contact form in, use webhook to grab the information to add them to a contact list in Sendinblue. You can also incorporate action for Google Sheet when Sendinblue triggers to instantly create new rows or columns for your new leads.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create and configure a pre-chat form that sends data to Sendinblue. It gathers information before an email or message is sent to a user. This information can include the customer’s first name, last name, Gmail/email address, phone number, and/or company/business name.

You can also integrate the entry of the list by triggering the Sendinblue app to Google Spreadsheet so you will have a copy of your potential customers for your product.

What is Pabbly Connect?

It is an integration platform that allows you to seamlessly incorporate multiple applications by managing the data flow with triggers and actions. Integrate two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks in an instant without the need for developers or coding by creating flows with triggers.

What is

It is a free live chat feature app that helps in monitoring and chatting with website visitors or from a customizable page. Integrate chat solution using Pabbly with 750+ integrations to unlimited products and apps such as GoDaddy, Google Analytics, Gmail, Zoom, Slack, Stripe, WordPress, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

This live chat app offers some advanced features by creating and managing webhooks and alerts, advanced triggers, more properties to your dashboard, putting in multiple widgets to your website with JavaScript, customizing chat buttons, etc.

What is Sendinblue?

It is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that enables businesses to build customer relationships by leveraging digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, email campaigns, transactional emails and automation tools.

You can integrate Sendinblue to over 750+  supported product integrations by Pabbly such as Active Campaign, Agiled, Google Analytics, GmailGoogle Sheets, Cloudflare, Twilio, etc. to Sendinblue Integration using Pabbly Connect Trigger Action Automation

Nowadays, the number of people working online is increasing. So, if you want to make more money, you need to learn how to capture data. And you can use for this purpose. This way you will be able to connect with different users from around the world, and with trigger actions, you can automate all these things in one app.

Before jumping out on integrating to Sendinblue.

First, you must create a pre-chat form in, once this form is filled out, the information will be captured by the webhook response.

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How to set up a pre-chat form in

The Pre-Chat Form allows you to collect information from visitors before allowing them to enter a chat. It can also assist you in qualifying new prospects. You can custom data fields of the pre-chat form fields aside from the initial fields provided by

Steps on how to set up a pre-chat form:

1.. On your account, go to Add-ons and hover over the menu items

1 Add-ons

2. Click on the Chat Widget

2 Chat Widget

3. Click the Edit Content under the Widget Content

3 Tawk to Chat Widget Edit Content

4. Under Widget State, click Pre-chat

4 Tawkto Chat Widget Pre-chat

5. Enable Pre-chat

5 Enable pre-chat

6. You can add fields for Header Cards and Body Cards

7. After putting in the desired fields, close the widget, copy the widget code and paste it onto your website.

You can embed this widget code on any website that supports custom HTML.

Then, is the integration of trigger action from to Sendinblue.

Workflow in Pabbly Connect | Trigger: to Action: Sendinblue

It is the sequence of actions performed according to the setup, it is the bundle of triggers, actions, and scheduler, which will perform a complete action to connect software.

Steps on how to create a workflow:

1.. Go to Workflow, then create.

1 Pabbly Connect Add new Workflow

2. Trigger: – Chat Start

2 Pabbly Connect Trigger

3. You can also put in another action event for the Google Spreadsheets application;

4. Action Event: Sendinblue – Fill out the required fields

3 Pabbly Connect Trigger then Action Sendinblue

Next, is to get the webhook URL from your workflow:

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What is Webhook URL in Pabbly?

Webhook integration or events are notifications sent to users when certain actions occur in your account such as new entry of orders, placed an order, payments made, products sold, reviews submitted, etc. This is the best way to capture data and for you to receive details instantly from your app.

How to get a webhook URL?

In your account:

1.. Go to the Workflow where you want to get the webhook URL

1 Pabbly Connect Trigger Webhook URL

2. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it on Webhook

2 Webhook URL

Lastly, is to place the webhook URL you created from the workflow into the application.

How to place the webhook in

In your account,

1.. Go to Settings, then Click Webhooks

1 Webhook Addons

2. Create Webhook

2 Create Webhook

3. Paste the webhook URL

3 Paste the Webhook URL

4. Select Webhook Events when you want the webhook to be triggered

5. Click Save

Use Case of using Webhooks

Webhooks enable you to send real-time notifications of events to external services. Push Notifications can be used to send messages to users when they visit your website or app. For example, if someone has filled out the pre-chat form from your site, you will receive a notification in your app that there’s a visitor on your website.

You have the option of sending a webhook event when a chat starts, ends, or a ticket is created, or all three.

Use cases:
  1. Chat Start Event – Generated when the first message in a chat is sent by a visitor. This event is not generated by whispers or system notifications such as triggers.
  2. Chat End Event – Generated when a chat has ended
  3. Ticket Created Event – Generated when a visitor creates it.

Finally, from Triggering to action in Sendinblue.

Action: Contact List in Sendinblue

Add your website visitors who filled out the pre-chat form in to your Sendinblue contact list. You can send them emails, or newsletters, or schedule an email.

Trigger Action to Google Spreadsheets Automation

You can create a flow and trigger Google Sheets. The trigger allows you to automatically execute a Google Spreadsheet when you insert a new entry of a row or delete a row in the table.

You can also put in an action event for Google Sheet, from Chat in to create a new row or multiple rows in a specific spreadsheet. Finds a row or sheets, and creates or updates existing spreadsheets. Delete an existing row, sheet, or spreadsheet and finds an entry from Sendinblue or other trigger actions.

Other Pabbly Products:

Subscriptions and Billing

It is a subscription management software that automates and simplifies the complicated recurring billing process. It allows users to easily manage invoicing, billing, and payment processing. As well as create an unlimited number of products and plans.

Email Verification

E-mail verification allows you to easily authenticate leads’/subscribers’ email addresses.

Email Marketing

A streamlined and comprehensive solution for sending emails to your customers.

Form Builder

A builder app for creating online forms for collecting payments online, leads, surveys, and other data.

More Details Key Features

Live Chat and Chat Widget

Live chat is a tool that enables companies to communicate with website visitors in real-time.’s primary offering is live chat, which includes all of the required live chat features.

Visitors will use the chat widget that looks like a small chat window to communicate with agents. You can also lightly customize it to your liking.

Reports has an in-built reporting section that displays key metrics for live chat and the knowledge base. The tool includes all of the fundamental metrics that a company would require. One disadvantage is that the data in the reports section takes a few hours to populate, so it cannot be used for real-time reporting.

Chat Agents and Virtual Assistant

You can hire chat agents directly from‘s website. This feature is unique to and would benefit a company that requires live chat assistance 24/7. You have the option of purchasing as few or as many hours per week as you want. To ensure that agents communicate accurately with your visitors as effectively as possible. You will provide knowledge about the company.

A virtual assistant is an employee who assists your team members or clients with technical, managerial, or client issues. To ensure seamless integration with your company. You will be in charge of the majority of virtual assistant training and onboarding.

Chat Pages and Knowledge Base provides chat pages that you can use if you don’t have a website or if you want your live chat tool to have its own page. This feature would be suitable for small companies that do not have websites but want to provide live chat assistance to their clients.

A knowledge base is a tool that responds to frequently asked questions and common issues from your clients. For effective assistance, your business needs to have a knowledge base so that clients can look up data without having to speak to a live agent.

Ticketing System

Companies use the systems to record, follow up on, and resolve client issues. has an integrated system that enables agents to receive them while they are offline via the Knowledge Base and the chat widget.

Sendinblue Key Features

Email Builder and Email Automation

Sendinblue allows you to build distinct campaigns, like profiles. You can work on a project without interfering with the work of others. As a result, your projects will be more organized and streamlined.

It enables you to automate e-mail marketing, such as sending an e-mail when a visitor enters your website. As well as scheduling newsletters and transactional e-mails. You can send specific e-mails to specific lists.

CRM and SMS Marketing

The CRM at Sendinblue operates on several levels. You can edit each contact, put them on multiple lists, and send e-mail campaigns to multiple contacts.

You can send SMS about time-sensitive features or schedule them using the SMS marketing feature. You can use the technology to send bulk SMS to your entry list. Simply create an SMS, choose a list, and send them.

Send Time Optimization

Sendinblue analyzes the data it collects from your clients to determine the best time to send to each of them. As a result, it guarantees that the e-mail you send has the intended outcomes for the client.


In conclusion, Pabbly Connect is a simple tool that lets you easily connect two apps. With it, you can send data between your app and another without having to write a single line of code. This means that you can use it to pass data between any two apps that support it. Including Facebook, Campaign Monitor, Slack, Telegram Bot, Google Sheets, Gmail, etc.

It works like magic to authenticate users. That means that it doesn’t need you to share your username and password with another app. This is especially useful if you want to keep your login information private. Instead, it allows you to let access to your account through a browser window. Meaning that you never have to worry about giving away your credentials.

Once you’ve authorized it, you can use it to create integrations between any of the apps. For example, you can set up automation between your email customer and your favorite social media apps. Allowing you to trigger the automation to update your status whenever someone sends you a message. Or you can use it to automate your favorite messaging service to your bank account. Letting you receive notifications instantly whenever you get paid.

The possibilities are endless, busy people and businessmen can benefit from simple automation, so check them out today!

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