Pabbly Connect by Pabbly has been in circulation in the online marketing world for a while now. Pabbly was the brainchild of Pankaj & Neeraj Agarwal. They are the pioneers who created Magnet Brains; India’s number 1 online school education platform.

Many business owners have already subscribed and used this platform in their business. Still, it is normal to get confused at first and ask what kind of things should we be using Pabbly Connect for. This is a good question. And should be addressed by anyone before they start doing any Pabbly integrations and automation.

Why Use Pabbly Connect

Why Use Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect being an automation software is used to automate repetitive tasks. It is also used for custom integration of various software. But the most fundamental reasons for anyone to automate things and use integration applications are two things. To make money and to save money. These two objectives should be always put in mind whenever you did any automation. And this applies not only to Pabbly Connect but to any automation software you are using.

Payment Failure Notifications

A good way to start your automation process is to create a payment failure notification. It is not only important to have a good landing page but also to have an automatic option if ever your customer failed their payment process.

More often than not, your customers will have problems with their payment process. This can’t be avoided and can be a real threat to your sales if not solved immediately. A good example is when a customer’s credit card is maxed out. Most likely your customers won’t even know that they’ve already maxed out their card.

Therefore it is important to set up a failure notification option for you and your customer. This way an automatic email will be sent to the customer to inform them that their card was revoked. This lets them immediately find some other way to pay. It can be really frustrating for the customer to wait a long time. Only to realize that they got held back in the payout process.

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Lead Follow-ups

There are a lot of businesses that focus on generating lots of leads as possible. But the problem is they don’t have any good follow-ups for those leads.

It is important to automate these leads so that they will turn into profit as soon as possible. These leads may come in many forms. Webinars, contact forms, Facebook lead ads forms, and surveys, are some of these.

It is very important to immediately do a lead follow-up with the very same customers.

Easy Accounting / Easy Delivery

Automating your tasks lets you easily deliver products even on downtimes like weekends. Due to time zone differences, some customer requests cannot be accommodated. This is true, especially during weekends or on occasion, holidays.

This is where automation shines. You don’t need to be in constant contact with your delivery operations and staff.

Common business practice is to manually input transaction details into accounting software. This process takes a lot of time and might lead to more problems due to human error. Automating the accounting process should boost production by saving a lot of time and eliminating human errors.

What are triggers and actions?

What are triggers and actions?

Pabbly Connect works on a very simple concept of triggers and actions. It means that when something happens inside one software an event will happen inside another one.

Pabbly Connect is the master controller in the middle of the integration web. It will gather data from one software and sends it to another after processing that data.

Pabbly Connect Internal Task Calculation

A lot of people are curious about how tasks are calculated inside Pabbly Connect. It is important to learn that a task is counted ONLY when there is an action step towards an external software.

Let us say for example you are executing a form to generate leads. You must be thinking of executing an automation workflow from Gravity Form to Elastic Email. And then to Google Sheets or maybe Google Analytics to check traffic.

In this setup, the trigger event starts from Gravity Form. The workflow direction is from left to right from Gravity Form to Elastic Email and then to Google Sheets.

Elastic Email is the first action step with Google Sheets as the second task. Thus, there are two tasks being done every time this workflow is completed.

So, if you want to execute this workflow 10 different times. That would mean a total of 20 task volumes. These tasks are then deducted from the monthly task limit.

The beauty of Pabbly Connect is that the trigger events are not part of the tasks per month calculation. This means that internal tasks are not deducted from your monthly task limit. A lot of integration platforms charge for their triggers but Pabbly is fortunately not one of those.

Trigger Events

As mentioned, internal tasks like Filter, Router, Iterator, etc. in Pabbly Connect are free and are not included in the monthly task limit. The same could not be said with the competitors’ platforms where internal tasks are counted separately from the action steps. This makes Pabbly Connect very economical.

Pabbly Connect’s software integration is off the charts! All you need to do is to select the desired applications. And just like that, you can immediately start integrating some software. Here are some popular triggers and how they are used in Pabbly Connect.

  • Webhook – a mini API that enables a program to send one-way data to another software application.
  • Filter – lets you send only the filtered data to external software.
  • Router – allows you to send data to different external software.
  • Email Parser – receive emails and extract any email’s key details. And sends that data to any applications.
  • Schedule Trigger – schedules the running and execution of your automation workflow.
  • Delay Module – lets you withhold certain actions within your automation workflow.
  • Multi-Step calls – let you automate numerous processes with just one trigger.
  • Formatters – automatic numbers and text formatting

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect has found success in the automation market because it is very easy to use and relatively cheap.

To date, Pabbly Connect still offers the one-time ultimate payment plan. This plan offers a plethora of amazing features for only $447.

This is a direct contrast to its competitor Zapier which charges $1548 per year for fewer features.

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Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal

Pabbly Connect’s pricing plan is different from Pabbly Subscription. If you want to get all the core features then it is better to get the Pabbly Plus.

But if Pabbly Connect is all you need, then the Ultimate Plan is a much more economical choice.

If you can’t accommodate the $447 Ultimate Plan yet, you could also try the Standard or Pro Plans first albeit with fewer features.

Pabbly Connect is the best alternative to Zapier. Not only for its features but also for its pricing plans. A lot of users are now changing sides from Zapier to Pabbly Connect due to obvious differences in both features and pricing.

OBI Services – Pabbly Connect Support Team

Pabbly Connect was created with the average customer in mind. The integration steps are straightforward and don’t need any extensive computer skills.

Still, since Pabbly Connect deals with virtually hundreds of software integrations. 850 plus applications in fact. Cross-software challenges like disparate data, outdated data, and too much data can’t be avoided.

You are going to need some professional help to keep your business running smoothly.

OBI Services can be the partner that you need. We are a professional outsourcing company that specialized in technical support. We have the pleasure of using Pabbly Connect so we are deeply familiar with its inner workings.

OBI Services will gladly provide support with your integration problems with Pabbly Connect.

Contact us to learn more about our very affordable pricing plans.

Why Choose Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect’s most impressive selling feature is its unlimited internal task execution. This means that the triggers are always free and not counted along with the action steps.

It is unlike other competitors like Zapier which includes them in the calculation of the task consumption limit. Hence Pabbly Connect users enjoy three times more workflow executions than its competitors.

What’s more, Pabbly Connect is relatively easy to use. Influenced largely by its roots from when the founders did online school education with Magnet Brains. Pabbly Connect was created with the user’s convenience in mind.

Additionally, Pabbly offers an extensive library of instructional videos. You can easily access these tutorials on YouTube or their main website. Even the most newbie users can follow the easy and simple steps to start their tasks.


By now you must have already known the amazing features of Pabbly Connect. It can’t be denied that when it comes to software integration, this platform is one of the best in the market.

The more I learned about Pabbly, the more impressed I was by the company’s vision, mission, and product. They understood that the biggest obstacle for most people trying to start an online business is time.

That’s why they developed a cloud-based solution to remedy this problem. Pabbly Connect takes all the work out of managing a business. In fact, subscribing to Pabbly Connect lets you reap all the rewards with less work on your part. This software is the living definition of the saying “Work Smart, Not Hard“.

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